Letter of Advice

Dear Future AP Student,

You have made it to APLAC; congratulate yourself and prepare for a year full of arguing (academically) and denotation of articles/novels! If you love reading and writing, this class should be interesting to you. I advise you to work hard in this class and, as any other student will tell you, do not procrastinate. Unlike other subjects, writing is not something you can improvise and get a good grade on.

I took two AP classes last year, so I juggled a lot. With AP Calculus AB and AP Language and Composition, I had a lot on my plate. I managed to maintain my workload in those two classes while keeping decent grades in all of my other classes as well. Taking more than one AP is asking for a lot of work all year long. Just keep in mind that although you will have tons of work, it will pay off in the long run. Throughout 2014-2015, I have learned so much; I know I would not be able have the aspirations that I do today if it was not for the rigor of these two classes. It also helps when you have teachers that guide you through your path.

Ms. Henry is an amazing teacher and gives AP Language and Composition a creative twist. You’ll really like her and the positive attitude she brings to her class. Just stay on top of things in this class and have the drive to earnĀ a good grade. You are going to do great in APLAC, so have fun while doing it.

Good luck and best of wishes,

Jacob Gomez

Letter of Advice