Word of the Month (Pretentious)

In the most basic terms, we as a generation have become so definitive on what I would call a new creative era. This new creative era has brought music to please, art to satisfy, and dances to whoa. Many of these new trends and styles are the result of a pretentious idea. When a person attempts to impress by affecting with more talent or effort than there is to begin with, it’s a hit or miss. It’s worthy of a video, some type of recognition, a masterpiece. But there are also those who fail; they get criticized and pressured and threatened and, in the end, are held mentally captive for lacking that last bit of originality that gets the people going. In good hands, they are safe to try again, But it is these ideas of going out on a limb that get us to where we are today: a constantly changing society in a sprinting pace. No looking back, just trying to impress.

Word of the Month (Pretentious)

One thought on “Word of the Month (Pretentious)

  1. “No looking back, just trying to impress,” this line concluding your piece is definitely true with the majority of society. People do tend to go along with things right or wrong mostly for the benefit of society. The examples provided in the beginning brought me in to terms with why people follow the crowd.


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