Conformity at its Finest (Poem)

Water takes the shape

of all that it surrounds

These rivers in your mouth

Oh how they poured out

We live in a place where

The sea is dark

So caught up

In the midst of everything

Hold it in

They wouldn’t let you out of the crowd

Those streets tore your innocence down

I’m sick and tired

I begged for the world to change

Just know that its not all you and that’s the thing

Hold it in

They come at you from both sides of your mind

Thick and thin

These walls you’ll stand behind

You hold yourself like a trophy

Keeping them pleased


Of all you’ll ever be

I watched the world burn

Along with the people who abused it

Everything conspires but no

You refused it

I watched the heads turn

A million eyes and a center

You thought mimicking actions was for the better

Skipping and laughing

Don’t take it so seriously

The days go by slower

When you’re pressured without ease

If I get loud

Just quiet me down

Because in the end

It’s you who missed out

On natural happiness

These thoughts, crystallized

I implore you to say it isn’t right

Conformity at its Finest (Poem)

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