Word of the Month (Pretentious)

In the most basic terms, we as a generation have become so definitive on what I would call a new creative era. This new creative era has brought music to please, art to satisfy, and dances to whoa. Many of these new trends and styles are the result of a pretentious idea. When a person attempts to impress by affecting with more talent or effort than there is to begin with, it’s a hit or miss. It’s worthy of a video, some type of recognition, a masterpiece. But there are also those who fail; they get criticized and pressured and threatened and, in the end, are held mentally captive for lacking that last bit of originality that gets the people going. In good hands, they are safe to try again, But it is these ideas of going out on a limb that get us to where we are today: a constantly changing society in a sprinting pace. No looking back, just trying to impress.

Word of the Month (Pretentious)

Letter of Advice

Dear Future AP Student,

You have made it to APLAC; congratulate yourself and prepare for a year full of arguing (academically) and denotation of articles/novels! If you love reading and writing, this class should be interesting to you. I advise you to work hard in this class and, as any other student will tell you, do not procrastinate. Unlike other subjects, writing is not something you can improvise and get a good grade on.

I took two AP classes last year, so I juggled a lot. With AP Calculus AB and AP Language and Composition, I had a lot on my plate. I managed to maintain my workload in those two classes while keeping decent grades in all of my other classes as well. Taking more than one AP is asking for a lot of work all year long. Just keep in mind that although you will have tons of work, it will pay off in the long run. Throughout 2014-2015, I have learned so much; I know I would not be able have the aspirations that I do today if it was not for the rigor of these two classes. It also helps when you have teachers that guide you through your path.

Ms. Henry is an amazing teacher and gives AP Language and Composition a creative twist. You’ll really like her and the positive attitude she brings to her class. Just stay on top of things in this class and have the drive to earn a good grade. You are going to do great in APLAC, so have fun while doing it.

Good luck and best of wishes,

Jacob Gomez

Letter of Advice

Conformity at its Finest (Poem)

Water takes the shape

of all that it surrounds

These rivers in your mouth

Oh how they poured out

We live in a place where

The sea is dark

So caught up

In the midst of everything

Hold it in

They wouldn’t let you out of the crowd

Those streets tore your innocence down

I’m sick and tired

I begged for the world to change

Just know that its not all you and that’s the thing

Hold it in

They come at you from both sides of your mind

Thick and thin

These walls you’ll stand behind

You hold yourself like a trophy

Keeping them pleased


Of all you’ll ever be

I watched the world burn

Along with the people who abused it

Everything conspires but no

You refused it

I watched the heads turn

A million eyes and a center

You thought mimicking actions was for the better

Skipping and laughing

Don’t take it so seriously

The days go by slower

When you’re pressured without ease

If I get loud

Just quiet me down

Because in the end

It’s you who missed out

On natural happiness

These thoughts, crystallized

I implore you to say it isn’t right

Conformity at its Finest (Poem)

Cynical (Word of the Month)

The world is full of surprises. Every turn I take holds a different experience, some breathtaking in the most uplifting way, some disappointing. As I have matured, I have come to realize that people put a toll on me. I have a certain distaste for insincere people, and with that, I have found it hard to open myself up. Like the world, people are full of surprises, full of disappointment. I have been pressured to follow the crowd. I have been critiqued for acting differently, but were we not taught to be original? I think one of the biggest problems we have as a society is that we fail to realize that being original is an accomplishing attribute in itself.

Cynical (Word of the Month)