Education Reflection

Time progresses, I grow older; I appreciate the little things. With the little things, comes a feeling of bliss for the larger things. I seem to rely on smaller things like others’ actions and reactions to give me happiness and sadness. I’ve also grown to appreciate the privileges I’ve been given and the things people have done for me. Education is one of those privileges I’m beyond blessed to have. The fact that adults have the patience and will to put up with a bunch of adolescents is what amazes me most. It’s not easy to believe my teachers spend most of their days assisting teenagers—the most stubborn, opinionated beings on the face of this earth. In places around the world, like parts of Africa and the Middle East, education is not a part of their daily routine, nor is it mandatory.

Being educated means an individual is pushing themselves to thrive in the real world. When I realize that I’m on the road to success by staying in school and trying my best, I know not everyone in the world gets an equal opportunity. To me, receiving an education is always going to be one of the privileges I’ve been born into. If I maintain a goal and a mindset, I can achieve anything. I’ve always considered an education to be one of the most important things a person can endure. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. Those who don’t realize the importance of school and the benefits that can come with an education obviously don’t know what kind of issues they’ll be going facing in the years to come. Those who lack an education bring us down as a society; as a whole. If society had an overall GPA, those who lack an education bring our GPA down, decimal point by decimal point. Some choose not to be educated for personal reasons, and others feel it’s just not an obligation. Those who can’t persevere try to ride on the backs of others. They want the easy way out. Education isn’t easy, it never will be. I’m paving my future. Time progresses, I grow older; I appreciate education.

Education Reflection

One thought on “Education Reflection

  1. Jacob, I really love the theme of your writing: the appreciation for the small things. As i read you erupting it shows me the kind of teen that you are how grateful you are instead of taking methinks for granted. When you wrote “Being educated means an individual is pushing themselves to thrive in the real world.” it reminded me of how less than a year I’m going to be an individual and how I’m going to have to deal going into the real world. I also real like hoe you mention the how you appreciate the little things in life and as our generation develops with more and more technology kids forget the important, small things the that life has to offer. Overall i love this piece I can really relate to it.


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