It’s December. Christmas is 12 days away and now is the time to show love to the most important people in your life; friends, family, your partner, pets, and whoever else deserves warmth this holiday season. After Christmas comes the New Year, which means celebration and another opportunity to tell others how much you really appreciate their existence. With these occasions, we can also put our issues aside and focus on pure happiness. We can move from our past and focus on improving ourselves. Renewal is crucial for self satisfaction and a positive outlook on the days to come. No one is perfect, so starting fresh is something every person can do.


2 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. Jacob
    After reading your post, I realized that your December word of the month is quite similar to my November word of the month. Although, in popular opinion, December is usually mainly about stress, I am glad to see your positive outlook. I am looking forward to the “renewed” Jacob and his writing!
    -Yasmin M


  2. Jacob, I really enjoyed this piece because you explained the importance that you give to special holidays and what they can do. “No one is perfect” I love this quote this reminds me of how were all humans and we can’t expect perfection even when we desire it the most.


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