Thanksgiving Is…

Thanksgiving is gratitude…

having a loving, amazing girlfriend,

supportive parents,

friends who help keep your head up.

Thanksgiving is…

the family around the table,

a turkey and loads of mashed potatoes,

a room full of clean, dressed smiles.

Thanksgiving is peace of mind…

a restrung guitar

relaxing by the fire,

the warmth brought not by the fire,

but by the presence of those who mean most.

Thanksgiving is love…

we thank the people we cherish

we count our blessings one by one,

thankful for the life we’ve been given.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Is…


Perhaps it is easy for those who have never felt the menacing shots of criticism to say,

“Relax.” But when you have seen the mindless hurt your friends and pressure your

loved ones at ease and pleasure; when you have seen hate-filled people insult you

for your decisions, point out your insecurities and even spot the flaws in your friends

alike; when you see the greater part of your loved ones suffocating in a room full of

abuse and brutality in the midst of a loving society; when you suddenly find your mouth

mumbling as you attempt to explain to yourself why you can no longer show your face

around the bad parts of town, and feel your heart swell up when you are told that the

good no longer affects the bad, and see no stars that bring light into the dark night sky

that is my mind, and see yourself beginning to distort your personality by developing an

inconspicuous hatred toward those who hurt you most; when you have to desperately

give yourself an answer when asking: “why do some people find pleasure in bringing

you down?”; when you take a walk around town or your neighborhood and find it

necessary to block out the world because of the fact people will not accept you; when you

are humiliated every day by remarks like “senseless” and “naive”; when your first name

isn’t looked up upon, your middle name is disregarded, and your last name holds on for

its dear life, and your spouse is never accredited for having such an important person to

partner with, because you aren’t; when you are bothered by day and paranoid by night

by the fact that you aren’t the greatest in anyone’s eyes, still getting over

each mountain with courage, never quite knowing what will come next, and are ill with

inner insecurities and outer flaws; when you are forever fending against the “critics”—

then you will understand why I find it difficult to relax.


Word of the Month

Priorities play a large role in the way we live out our lives. Being that I am a high school student, prioritizing can either make or break my future. Sometimes as people, we have the wrong idea of what comes first. We need to remember that it’s okay to put ourselves in front of others for the sake of our own well-being. In order to succeed, sometimes going the extra mile for yourself is more beneficial than doing it for someone else.

Word of the Month